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    “Our mission is to enhance, clarify, facilitate, and coordinate the advice provided by attorneys, CPAs, and large financial institutions in the areas of estate planning, gift tax planning, and life insurance to pay estate tax. We will enable clients to pass on exceptional financial futures using sound, practical, and understandable estate tax and gift tax reduction techniques, life insurance to pay estate tax, and educational services, all designed for the accumulation, protection and transfer of everything one owns. We will accomplish this by 1) working with a select group of high net worth clients, 2) using a value driven compensation model that will encourage people to explore estate planning opportunities, 3) helping people identify and focus on their objectives, 4) providing a quality decision process, and 5) developing a clearly thought-out game plan that will enhance the client’s legacy for the people they care about and favorite charities.”

    “If you are looking for a seasoned professional to help preserve your wealth for your family, then look no further.”

    Brian Singer is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), and a CPA (Inactive-California).  His broad base of experience is substantial. Brian’s entire thirty-four year career has focused on tax planning and life insurance strategies. His career in tax started in the mid 1970s when he joined the Price Waterhouse tax department and later moved to Coopers & Lybrand where he was a senior Tax Manager. The company which he founded in 1987, EBS Responsible Wealth, is focused on providing boutique estate planning, and life insurance to pay estate tax, to wealthy families at the highest level.

    Brian is a frequent speaker. He has given hundreds of estate planning lectures to thousands of individuals interested in effective ways to transfer wealth. He has also conducted continuing education seminars to CPAs and attorneys and presented to large industry groups of insurance agents and financial planners. He has been a guest lecturer at the University of Miami Law School and done in-house tax training for one of the Big 4 accounting firms.

    Brian has been on the Professional Advisory Board of a well known charity and on the Advisory Board of a nationally prominent life insurance company. He is a member of the Greater Boca Raton Estate Planning Council. He has a national practice with clients in many different states. With thirty-four years experience implementing sophisticated planning strategies, his clients include retirees, wealthy business owners, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, ranchers, CPAs, attorneys.

    Shaun Singer is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and graduated from the University of Florida in 2000, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance and a Minor in Economics. After graduating from University of Florida, he joined Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company.  There he gained experience in the areas of life insurance, long term care insurance, and annuities. In 2001, Shaun joined Wells Fargo Bank in La Jolla, CA. He became an officer of the bank with responsibilities for client relationships in the areas of loans, lines of credit, account management, and Wells Fargo’s private banking services. Shaun later joined Fixed Income Securities, Inc. Fixed Income Securities is a full-service broker dealer, specializing in the sale of bonds, Unit Investment Trusts, and other fixed income securities through other retail brokers. His role was to explain these financial instruments and support the brokerage community in providing these products to their clients.

    Shaun joined EBS Responsible Wealth in the summer of 2008. His responsibilities include coordinating many aspects of the business, including client relations, national business development, financial modeling for the multitude of wealth transfer strategies employed with clients, and helping clients acquire life insurance to pay estate tax. Shaun’s presence assures continuity of service to clients for many years to come.

    Wherever you are located, email us at info@ebsresponsiblewealth.com to arrange for a free
    consultation. Our common sense approach to estate planning and life insurance to pay estate tax will help you get to where you want to be.



    Internal Revenue Service Circular 230 Disclosure
    Pursuant to Internal Revenue Service Circular 230, we hereby inform you that any tax advice set forth herein with respect to U.S. federal tax issues was not intended or written by E. Brian Singer, Shaun Singer, EBS Group, EBS Responsible Wealth, or EBS Business & Investment Group, Inc., to be used, and cannot be used, by you or any taxpayer, for the purpose of avoiding any penalties that may be imposed on you or any other person under the Internal Revenue Code.

    Our role is to help you evaluate planning techniques that can reduce your future estate tax and gift tax, and increase the wealth transferred to your family. Brian Singer is not an attorney. Although he is a CPA (Inactive-California), it is not his intention to become your CPA. He no longer engages in the practice of public accounting. This and any other analysis or discussion is not meant to address all the issues and risks as you might find in a technical legal analysis. That task, if necessary, and if you are willing to pay the fee, is the responsibility of your attorney. Brian Singer attempts to take complicated tax principles and reduce them to understandable techniques for the layperson, in plain English. Any discussion and/or written analysis are meant to give you an overview of the anticipated benefits to be derived by employing specific techniques.  Final responsibility for the tax aspects rests with the attorney of your choosing. All techniques require careful drafting by a highly competent tax attorney with specialized knowledge.  A concept that might work when competently drafted, could fail as a result of mistakes made in the documents prepared by an attorney not proficient in these areas. The appreciation rates, investment earning rates, tax rates, valuation discounts, and other factors are hypothetical assumptions.  The benefits from implementing any technique will ultimately be better or worse than described depending upon variation from the assumptions. There are no guaranteed results; either in an economic analysis or in application of the tax law. We hope you will decide to use our services. Any planning we propose is incidental to the purchase of insurance. Since insurance is used to pay estate tax, the less tax you will owe, the less insurance required. The planning is essential in the determination of your insurance needs. You are in no way obligated to purchase any insurance. If it makes sense for you, then buy it; if it doesn’t make sense for you, then don’t buy it. You are not expected to do anything that you feel is not in your best interest. We may choose to disengage at any time.

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